Carolyn collecting some field data in southwest Wisconsin

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Former PhD student and Post-Doc Sam Zipper about to fly in the sky! Research published in Agriculture and Forest Meteorology.

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Dom climbing a tree to install sensors to monitor water stress

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Ongoing  research

Our research interests include hydroecology/ecohydrology, hydrogeology, river restoration, remote sensing, vegetative water use, sustainable land-use practices, vegetation patterning, stream-aquifer interactions, ecosystem function/services, human interaction with aquatic ecosystems

Learn more about specific research projects below.

Urban ecohydrology

Keywords: Urban hydrology, soil compaction, green infrastructure, residential development

Fen Wetland Project

 ​​Keywords: Groundwater, fen, monitoring, modeling, peat, soil moisture,
water table, Environmental Protection Agency

Ecohydrologic Effects of Land-use change in Argentina

Keywords: Argentina, land-use, agriculture-forest interactions, groundwater

Impact of Urban Trees on Stormwater Management

Keywords: Urban hydrology, tree canopy interception, stormwater management, emerald ash borer


Impact of Changing Snow Cover and Frozen Ground Regimes on Groundwater Recharge

Keywords: Freeze and thaw cycles, Snow cover, Frozen ground, Groundwater, Climate change


Influence of groundwater on temperate forests

Keywords: Groundwater-forest interactions, drought vulnerability, tree growth, water stress, groundwater use by trees

Linking Fen Hydrology and Spectroscopy

 ​​Keywords: Fen, wetland, groundwater, remote sensing, spectroscopy, nutrients

Hydrologic impacts of the loss of Wisconsin’s winter on surface water-groundwater interactions

Keywords: Groundwater-surface water interactions, ice formation, Wisconsin rivers, hyporheic zone

Water, Sustainability, and Climate: The Yahara Watershed

Keywords: Ecosystem modeling, climate change, governance, societal values, sustainability, future scenarios

Former   projects

Learn more about past projects our group has worked on below.

Urban Heat Island

Keywords: Urban heat island, evapotranspiration, phenology, remote sensing, water use

Mountain meadow restoration with a changing climate

Keywords: Sierra Nevada, groundwater modeling, groundwater dependent ecosystems

Stormwater Management Research Facilities (SMRFs)

Mountain meadow hydroecology

Keywords: Sierra Nevada, groundwater modeling, groundwater dependent ecosystems

Distributed temperature sensing

Keywords: Restoration, soil moisture, distributed temperature sensing

Municipal compost for use in erosion control

Keywords: Compost, organics recycling, unsaturated flow, erosion control


Ecohydrology of Agroecosystems

Keywords: Groundwater subsidy, precision agriculture, soil texture, remote sensing, biophysical modeling, AgroIBIS, HRMET

Particle Organic Matter (POM) transport in the Columbia River

Keywords: Groundwater-surface water interactions, hyporheic zone, particle transport, Department of Energy