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Carolyn collecting some field data in southwest Wisconsin

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Former PhD student and Post-Doc Sam Zipper about to fly in the sky! Research published in Agriculture and Forest Meteorology.

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Dom climbing a tree to install sensors to monitor water stress

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This page is still under construction. All of our current and former projects are listed below, but we are still updating the information associated with each project. All information will be up soon!


Ongoing  research

Our research interests include hydroecology/ecohydrology, hydrogeology, river restoration, remote sensing, vegetative water use, sustainable land-use practices, vegetation patterning, stream-aquifer interactions, ecosystem function/services, human interaction with aquatic ecosystems

Learn more about specific research projects below.

Urban ecohydrology

Keywords: Urban hydrology, soil compaction, green infrastructure, residential development

Fen Wetland Project

 ​​Keywords: Groundwater, fen, monitoring, modeling, peat, soil moisture,
water table, Environmental Protection Agency

Municipal compost for use in erosion control

Keywords: Compost, organics recycling, unsaturated flow, erosion control


Ecohydrologic Effects of Land-use change in Argentina

Keywords: Argentina, land-use, agriculture-forest interactions, groundwater

Influence of groundwater on temperate forests

Keywords: Groundwater-forest interactions, drought vulnerability, tree growth, water stress, groundwater use by trees

Linking Fen Hydrology and Spectroscopy

 ​​Keywords: Fen, wetland, groundwater, remote sensing, spectroscopy, nutrients

Hydrologic impacts of the loss of Wisconsin’s winter on surface water-groundwater interactions

Keywords: Groundwater-surface water interactions, ice formation, Wisconsin rivers, hyporheic zone

Particle Organic Matter (POM) transport in the Columbia River

Keywords: Groundwater-surface water interactions, hyporheic zone, particle transport, Department of Energy

Water, Sustainability, and Climate: The Yahara Watershed

Keywords: Ecosystem modeling, climate change, governance, societal values, sustainability, future scenarios

Former   projects

Learn more about past projects our group has worked on below.

Urban Heat Island

Keywords: Urban heat island, evapotranspiration, phenology, remote sensing, water use

Mountain meadow restoration with a changing climate

Keywords: Sierra Nevada, groundwater modeling, groundwater dependent ecosystems

Stormwater Management Research Facilities (SMRFs)

Mountain meadow hydroecology

Keywords: Sierra Nevada, groundwater modeling, groundwater dependent ecosystems

Distributed temperature sensing

Keywords: Restoration, soil moisture, distributed temperature sensing