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Ecosystem Engineering

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Research interests

  • hydroecology / ecohydrology
  • hydrogeology
  • river restoration
  • remote sensing
  • vegetative water use
  • sustainable land-use practices
  • vegetation patterning
  • stream-aquifer interactions
  • ecosystem function / services
  • human interaction with aquatic ecosystems




Research projects


Mountain Meadow Restoration with a Changing Climate  [more info]

                   Collaborative NSF project with Jessica Lundquist University of Washington

Groundwater use by phreatophytes: Water table fluctuations [more info]

Stormwater Management Research Facilities (SMRFs) in the UW Arboretum [more info (secrete pond) & more info (pond 2)]

Vegetation Patterning [more info]

Detecting stream-aquifer interactions with thermal imagery [more info]

Evapotranspiration mapping [more info]

Mountain meadow hydroecology and restoration [more info]

East Branch Pecatonica Restoration Observatory [more info]

Wisconsin Evapotranspiration Model [more info]

Water, Sustainability, and Climate: The Yahara Watershed [more info]